Editor’s note: The Chronicle is profiling the 13 candidates for the six open positions on the D21 school board. This installment features unopposed candidate Dawn Rasmussen in Zone 2.

Each candidate was asked why they are running for school board, what skills they bring to the position, and their vision for the district. The election is May 21.

Dawn Rasmussen

Dawn Rasmussen is running unopposed for Zone 2, a position she was appointed to by the school board last month. At a recent candidates forum at the Wasco County Republican Central Committee, she said she wanted to run because no one had stepped forward at that point to do so.

Later, she told the Chronicle, “as I have seen so much divisiveness in politics recently, I am hoping to be a voice of reason to find the middle ground.

“I’ve observed that not everyone gets 100% of what they want... America has always done its best work in the spirit of compromise and civility. That ties into my vision—getting feedback from the community on their priority for schools and then finding that middle ground that does the most to help prepare students for being productive citizens.”

Previously, she ran a high-school-to-workplace program that involved numerous high schools. She’s also taught at the two-year and four-year college level.

She’s been a small business owner for over 11 years now, with a specific focus on helping people connect the skills they have gained towards targeting jobs.

She said she was a fiscal conservative who wants to “ensure every dollar is spent wisely balanced with the need to find ways to provide more resources to the classrooms.”

She said teachers are already challenged, since they not only are providing classroom instruction, but also act as social workers and counselors, she said.

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