Adam's Auto

Quentin Mortensen, Roger Garcia, Adam Knopf and Rachel Knopf now have twice the shop space to make repairs with the addition of 2,400 square feet.

Without fail, Adam Knopf has stopped what he is doing to talk to me.

He talked me through a minor engine adjustment over the phone once.

Where’s the profit in that?—in people of course.

He’s that kind of guy.

You will often find Adam and Rachel Knopf sharing a lunch with mechanics Roger Garcia and Quentin Mortensen. Or hanging out with friends at the shop after work. It’s a family approach.  

So, it’s exciting to see them expand their business, Adams Auto at 2716 W. Second St. They recently took over the abutting shop space, bringing their total shop space to some 4,800 square feet. They have added two hoists and an outside awning for another work bay, as well as $15,000 worth of diagnostic equipment.

It has created greater organization to work on short-term and longer-term auto repairs, Knopf said.

The expansion marks their sixth year at the location, and Knopf tipped his hat to a few mentors that brought him along: mechanics Rich Williams, Frank Kinser.

Knopf has been turning wrenches since he was 16 and attended Subaru technical school.

On Friday, customer Ken Kalsch said Knop helped him diagnose an air conditioning problem that had bugged him for years, noting he had burned up two air conditioning pumps. It ended up being just a $50 part in the clutch fan.

“It’s great to help people with good quality work,” Rachel said.

“If you can come to work every day with family and friends, it is pretty cool. You got it made,” Adam added.

Cascade Auto’s Rich Williams said he was excited to see Knopf spread his wings.

“He’s  good mechanic and a good family man,” he said.

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