The Dalles Chronicle has started transitioning all print subscribers to mail delivery to provide consistent and reliable service.

Some routes are already receiving papers in the mail, but are getting them one day later than usual.

Chelsea Marr, publisher of the Chronicle, said that problem will be resolved by the end of next week, when the new deadline schedule begins.

“We are really sorry for these delays and are asking people to please be patient because we will get this issue resolved shortly,” she said.

Marr said carriers will still be delivering The Dalles Reminder and Gorge Classifieds twice a week even after the transition is made.

“Delivering five days a week is challenging and we really appreciate the carriers we’ve had over the years and thank them for their hard work,” said Marr. “This was a difficult decision, but we needed to improve the efficiency of our delivery system, so we decided to follow the lead of other Eagle Media papers that have gone this route.”

Although newspapers won’t be delivered via mail entirely until March 1, Marr said the deadline schedule will be stepped up to accommodate the change. The first paper of the week will be available Monday evening and the last on Saturday afternoon. Because the paper will be printed one day earlier, late-breaking news will be posted immediately on the Chronicle website and Facebook page, and then further explored in the print edition the following day, said Marr.

The papers will be dated the same as now.

Marr said, if people want an earlier edition of the paper, they will find it at newsstands and in racks about the same time it has been mailed. The e-version will also post at that time and is included in the cost of a print subscription. The cost will stay the same.

The Chronicle’s circulation department is run by Tanya Lindsey, who asks that people contact her if their mailing address has changed. She can be reached at 541-296-2141, ext. 108, or

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