Raindrop Laundry Service

Cindy, Jessie and Steve Nimmo are taking water conservation seriously at the new Raindrop Laundry Service next to Kmart.

Oxygen is a funny thing—you put two atoms together and you can breathe —thanks to blue green algae.

But if you can get three to cohabitate in ozone, well then, my friend, you can do some laundry.

Really well.

Steve and Cindy Nimmo of Dallesport will tell you as much as they are aiming to do 6,000 pounds a day at their new Raindrop Laundry Service, next to Kmart, 2634 W. Sixth St. It is next door to 24/7 Laundry, which they also own.

The couple, along with daughter and sales director Jessie, are providing drop-off services for larger companies as well as individuals.

During the past nine months, they built the new $250,000 commercial laundry with an eye on the environment. The Nimmos invested in an ozone delivery system, which injects directly into their washing machines. Ozone kills more germs faster than chlorine including super bacteria such as staph, hepatitis and MRSA.  It requires smaller amounts of chlorine, detergent and water. And, ozone works better in cold water—less energy required.

Here’s another benefit. Ozone washing machines produce less acid during wash cycles, doing less damage to fabrics. That’s right, clothes last longer.

But does it work?

The Nimmos, who are at times left with abandoned laundry next door, said they recently ran a load of laundry that had been sitting wet in a plastic bag for two weeks.

“When we took it out of the machine, it smelled fresh and was like new,” Steve said, noting he did the same with a leather jacket worn by a smoker and had the same result.

The machines also have a rinse cycle that produces 300 g-forces, drawing most of the water from the clothing. So, that means less drying time, less time to damage fabric with heat, less energy required.

The Nimmos are targeting health care, fruit producers, jails, schools, caterers, nursing homes, and regular walk-in customers.

“We Live in the Columbia Gorge and we care about water,” Cindy Nimmo said. “Mni Woconi,” she added quoting a Native American value. “Water is life.”

Call 541-399-9950.

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