Columbia Gorge Community College has increased its community education offerings for the fall term, which begins Sept. 23.

Detailed course descriptions, cost and registration information can be found online at

AARP Safe Driver

Class requires only classroom attendance. Written test, road testing or driving is not required. Class graduates, age 55 or older, can realize a savings discount in their automobile insurance premiums in Oregon. Washington residents should check with their insurer about qualifying for automobile insurance discount.

Art & Gratitude Workshop

Join Jenny Loughmiller, artist and founder of two gratitude projects, as she leads you through the exploration of gratitude through art.

Beginning Jazzallet

This class is designed to free the dancer within. No experience necessary. Jazzallet is a way of combining simple ballet movements with the movements of jazz and creative dance. jazz, ballet and creative movement are combined in one form of free expression.

Beginning Rhythm Tap

Fun and easy to follow tap lessons based on international tap master’s techniques and choreographed dances by the Instructor.

CGCC Choral Union

The Choral Union is a non-auditioned choir open to students, staff, and community members.

CGCC Contemporary Band

CGCC Contemporary Band centers on the study and eventual performance of a variety of music genre.

Cooking with Kathy: Mexican Holiday Feast

The traditional Christmas dinner in Northern Mexico and the U.S. state of New Mexico is not turkey, but rather, tamales.

Cooking with Kathy:  The Food of Portugal

Chef Kathy Watson spent the early spring in Portugal, and came back with exciting approaches to this delicious cuisine, rich in fish, vegetables, wine, port, and of course, great breads.

Cooking: The Anthropology of Food, Series 1: Staples of Life (Grains and Tubers)

Humans don’t just randomly feed. Through food, we order our daily lives, establish connections with each other, and create meaning and identities. In this course, we will cook together, eat together, and explore the cultural, political, and socio-economic dimensions of food. Five class series.

Cooking: Pizza with Pizzazz

Learn the basics of developing artisan pizza dough that can be cooked in home ovens or outdoor grills.

Dog Handling

This class is for people interested in showing their dogs in AKC conformation classes with emphasis on ring presentation and proper gaiting. Handler must be 14 years of age or older.

Dog Obedience, Beginning

Designed to give the beginning dog trainer the fundamentals of dog obedience. Dogs must be six months of age or older and current on vaccinations. Handler must be 14 years of age or older.

Dog Obedience, Intermediate

This course takes up where the beginning class left off using more off-leash work and advanced training.

Drivers Education (must have a valid driving permit or license)

This Oregon Department of Transportation and Department of Motor Vehicles certified driver education course is offered by Diamond F Driving School and includes 34 classroom hours, 6 driving hours and 6 observation hours.

Fiber Arts: Beginning Felting

Learn how to make felt, which fibers to use and needle felting. The class will begin by examining the different felting methods.

Fire, Ecosystems, and People

Anyone living in the Columbia River Gorge knows that wildfire is a periodic visitor that can pose a risk to homes, businesses, public health, and the natural beauty of the place we call home. Fire also plays a beneficial and important role in nature.

Flagger Training

This course meets the requirements of the Oregon Department of Transportation construction specifications.

Get Golf Ready I

Introductory group lessons covering putting, per-shot fundamentals, full swing basics, pitching and chipping.

Golf, Beginning

Are you interested in learning to play golf? This is the class for you! Students are introduced to what is a birdie, bogey, hook and slice; and which clubs are needed for a variety of commonly used shots.

Golf, Ladies Ladies

Golf will give you the skills and confidence that you need to get on the golf course and enjoy yourself.

Gourd Art

Learn to work with gourds, from simple bird houses to beautiful vases.

NRA Basic Pistol Safety Course

The NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting course is for beginning and intermediate students who will learn the basics of pistol shooting from qualified local instructors.

Health Insurance 101

This course takes the mystery out of health insurance; assists people in becoming confident health care consumers; and navigates how and when to enroll and how to save money on health insurance.

Homebuyer’s Workshop

This class is designed to help first-time homebuyers learn the basics about the home buying process.

Knitting for Beginners

Students will learn to knit, purl, cast on and off in this course. Using these skills, we will knit a fun cotton dish cloth for your kitchen.

Leadership series with Dana Meyer

CGCC offers a leadership series with Dana Meyer Consulting. These classes are designed to help leaders and business owners thrive in dynamic environments and master the people side of running a business.

Medicare 101

Are you curious about Medicare? Do you wonder what the difference is between Medicare Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D? We invite you to come learn more about who is eligible for Medicare, what is covered, what is not covered, and the enrollment timelines.

Mindfulness Movement and Beginning Ballet

Students are taught Basic Ballet steps and combinations, proper muscle movement, breathing techniques with gentle and slow movements of arms.

OSHA Hazard Communication

Aligned with GHS You will learn how to: write a hazard communication program; complete a chemicals list; conduct employee training; and analyze container labels and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

OSHA Worker Protection Standard Workshop

Protection for Pesticide Handlers and Workers: You will learn about the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Worker Protection Standard (WPS).

Phone and Tablet Photography and Video

Most people are not using their phone cameras to their full potential. Learn how to take higher quality images with just a smartphone and edit like a pro with in-phone apps.

Photography, Introduction to DSLR

Designed for the beginner, this course will teach the fundamentals of photography, and help students progress beyond shooting photographs in auto mode.

Pickelball, Beginning

Pickleball is a paddle sport that combines elements of badminton, tennis, and Ping-Pong.

Pickleball, Competitive

Singles and Doubles matches for intermediate and advanced players.

Poetry Writing: Inspired by the Pacific Northwest

Students will read the words of several poets whose writing has been informed by life in the Pacific Northwest.

Poetry Writing: Haiku

In this 12-week course, students will discuss writing haiku in English, including the “rules” of haiku.

Poetry Writing: Poetic Forms

Learn about a variety of poetic forms by reading poems by both wellknown and emerging voices and discussing their techniques.

Pottery, Beginning

This beginning pottery class will focus on hand building and wheel techniques.

Pottery, Studio

Designed for those who have already developed some proficiency at pottery, you will have a chance to meet with the instructor and set out a series of personal goals.

Real Estate Broker Pre License Course

This accelerated Real Estate Broker Certification Preparation course prepares you to qualify for the Oregon Real Estate Broker’s License Exam in just 11 weeks.

Sculpture, Beginning

Sculpting is such a fun form or art. Start out with making wire sculptures, then paper sculptures, clay or plaster sculptures, and finally leather sculptures.

Spanish, Beginning, 1st Term

This introductory class presents everyday vocabulary. Class will cover the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Spanish, Beginning 2nd term

This course is for students with a minimum of 15 hours of previous experience with Spanish.

SUP Stand Up

Paddleboarding is the new, hot sport that’s taking the watersports industry by storm.

SUP Yoga

Stand up paddleboard yoga is a great way to experience nature and practice mindfulness.

Video Storytelling with SLR and Mirrorless Camera Systems

Take your filmmaking to the next level of professionalism and unlock the secrets of cameras, audio, media management, and editing.


Introduces the operation of equipment and tools used in standard welding and manufacturing shops.

Wood Carving: Series

Wood carving is one of the oldest crafts in the world. If you would like to learn how, sign up for CGCC’s series of wood carving classes.

Writing, Introduction to Creative Nonfiction Writing

This course will discuss the fundamentals of creative nonfiction writing, teaching students about basic story structure, narrative forms, sourcing stories, as well as going through the editing process.

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