The Dalles City Council approved a 2.06 percent rate increase for garbage service at Monday’s meeting.

The new rate will go into effect Jan. 1 and cover an increase in The Dalles Disposal operational expenses.

The new rate will increase the cost of a 20-gallon can by 22 cents per month, from $11.18 to $11.40.

Service for a 32-gallon can will go up by 31 cents, from $16.15 to $16.46. The 90-gallon roll cart will cost 43 cents more, from $23.66 to $24.09.

Commercial users will pay 38 cents more for a 32-gallon can, $19.29 to $19.67. The 90-gallon roll cart will be 55 cents more, $29.11 to $29.66.

A 1 and one-half yard container will be 57 cents more, from $29.42 to $29.99 with other charges for additional services.

The city will receive a small increase in the amount of the franchise fee collected from the gross revenue of the service provider. Nolan young, city manager, told the council in November that it was not yet known how much the additional revenue would be.

Erwin Swetnam, district manager for the disposal service, requested the increase to help offset a 3.8 percent hike in the cost of doing business. He said rising health care, labor and operational costs necessitated a change in rates.

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