A 911 call from a juvenile reporting a fourth-grade student had a gun at Dry Hollow Elementary prompted a lockdown at that school Monday morning.

The call came in to emergency dispatch at 9:13 a.m., and within minutes the school was placed on lockdown as per School Crisis Response Team Protocol. A total of 26 police officers from The Dalles Police, Oregon State Police and Wasco County Sheriff’s Office were on scene within minutes, according to a press release from The Dalles Police and District 21.

At 9:38 a.m., based on multiple 911 calls from the same caller, it was determined the call was not made from Dry Hollow, as the caller claimed, but from the area of Chenowith School. Several officers responded to that area as well.

At approximately 9:50 a.m., officers located and identified the caller, who turned out to be a student at Chenowith Elementary. All calls made by the juvenile were determined to be a hoax, and there was no risk to any school in the district, police reported.

Misuse of 911 and initiating a false police report are crimes and are taken seriously, police said.

“Law enforcement and School District 21 would like to remind parents and students that these are high-stress situation,” the release stated. “We would request everyone keep school and 911 phone lines clear for emergency use. We also request the parents and public to keep the immediate vicinity of the event clear to allow first responders to safely arrive and access the area.”

During these types of situations, information will be released via Facebook, FlashNews, and press releases as quickly as possible, the release stated.

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