Angela Lindell, a former athletic coach at Dufur School District, was back in court Monday for her second probation violation involving alcohol consumption.

Judge Paul Crowley told Lindell, 25, that she was facing up to one year in jail for consuming alcohol in defiance of a court order. He set her hearing date for May 20 and warned against any further infractions of her probation, which has been in place since spring of 2012.

She was sentenced last year to five years of supervised probation after admitting to inappropriate sexual relationships with several minor students.

“Miss Lindell, be forewarned that if there is an issue between now and the date of your next court appearance, I assure you that I will be dealing with you from a video feed in NORCOR (Northern Oregon Regional Correctional Facilities). Do you understand that?” asked Crowley.

“I understand,” she replied and requested that the judge appoint an attorney to represent her because she was unemployed and did not have funds to hire one.

Jerrett Glass from the gorge firm of Morris, Smith, Starns, Raschio and Sullivan was named as her legal counsel.

Lindell pleaded guilty about one year ago to three counts of sexual harassment and one count of contributing to the sexual delinquency of a minor, all misdemeanor offenses.

She was directed by Crowley to register as a sex offender for 10 years. That condition can be removed after a decade if she successfully completes drug and alcohol treatment, or sex offender

counseling as directed by the court and stays away from minors, among other conditions.

Lindell was initially charged in August 2011 with engaging in sexual acts over the course of about one year with three different underage males in Dufur, two of whom have already graduated and one still in school

The incidents of abuse allegedly occurred between February 2010 and February 2011.

She was also accused by Polk County District Attorney Stan Butterfield of the same inappropriate behavior in 2008 that involved a teenage male.

The cases in the two counties were consolidated with Wasco County taking the lead on enforcing probation conditions for Lindell, who now lives in Washington County.

During her sentencing hearing in 2011, Crowley told Lindell that she would either turn her life around or suffer a lifetime of shame from being publicly known as a sex offender.

“You have an opportunity to earn putting most of this behind you with consent of the persons you victimized,” said Crowley in reference to the fact that her plea agreement, which resulted in some of the charges against her being dropped, had been negotiated with input from the families of the victims.

In October 2012, one of these families filed a lawsuit against the Dufur School District for failure to protect their son, who was 16 when he was seduced and sexually abused by Lindell.

Attorney Kelly Clark, on behalf of the victim, is asking Wasco County Circuit Court to make Dufur pay $1.8 million in noneconomic damages.

He is seeking that same amount from Perrydale School District in Amity where Lindell was a part-time employee and volunteer coach in 2008-09.

Clark is from the Portland-based law firm O’Donnell Clark and Crew LLP, which specializes in child sexual abuse litigation. He is also seeking $200,000 in economic damages from the two districts to cover the psychological treatment of his client, now an adult, who no longer lives in Wasco County.

The civil case filed Sept. 28, 2012, alleges that Perrydale officials received notice of a rumored inappropriate relationship with a minor male student and did not conduct an investigation.

If the school district had taken action, Clark’s brief contends the abuse in Dufur might never have taken place.

Clark’s complaint against Dufur is that administrators were negligent in performing an adequate background check on Lindell before allowing her to interact with teenagers.

Crowley is also overseeing the civil case with the latest hearing taking place April 9 in The Dalles. Ashley Nastoff, one of the attorneys from O’Donnell Clark and Crew, said Monday that a trial date had yet to be set in the case. She said evidence is still being exchanged and there are still pre-trial motions to be addressed before the legal matter heads to a jury.

Lindell is a 2005 graduate of Dufur High School who earned athletic honors in volleyball and basketball during her junior and senior years.

After high school, she attended Linfield College in McMinnville, majoring in elementary education and competing on the Wildcat varsity volleyball team.

Lindell had traveled with the boys and girls varsity basketball teams from Dufur and helped keep stats at the games, which is where she met the young men involved in the case.

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