Eluding leads to prison

William Henry

Wasco County District Attorney Eric Nisley said Wednesday a man who attempted to elude police in two pursuits has been sent to prison to learn a couple of valuable lessons.

“When you see the red and blue lights behind you, you need to stop,” he said.

Even more importantly, Nisley said William A. Henry, 40, of The Dalles, needs to learn that it doesn’t pay to violate the law by selling drugs.

“He hasn’t quite figured it out yet,” said the district attorney. “There is a reason we have prisons and jails, it’s to keep people like Mr. Henry away from the rest of us — and away from vehicles.”

On Monday, Henry was sentenced by Wasco County Circuit Judge Janet Stauffer to 26 months in prison for delivery of methamphetamine, reckless driving and both felony and misdemeanor attempts to elude.

Nisley said successful prosecution was a result of the investigative work done by Wasco County Sheriff’s Deputy Curt McConnell and The Dalles Police Sgt. Jamie Carrico and Officer Eric Macnab.

Henry was represented by Jerrett Glass of the gorge firm Morris Smith Starns and Sullivan. The defendant took his case before a jury but was found guilty Jan. 6 on all counts.

He was arrested Nov. 10 on a warrant that was issued following an Oct. 29 pursuit.

In the first incident, McConnell attempted to stop the vehicle that Henry was driving at 40 miles per hour in a school zone.

Nisley said Henry jumped out of the car with the engine still running and it rolled back into a patrol vehicle at the south end of Chinook Street, causing only minor damage.

Henry then fled on foot, leaving his backpack behind.

“During this pursuit, two people had to slam on their brakes to avoid colliding with him,” said Nisley.

Authorities got a search warrant to open the backpack and found methamphetamine, packaging materials, scales and a pipe inside, according to Nisley.

A warrant was then issued for Henry’s arrest.

On Nov. 10, he was spotted by officers as a passenger in another vehicle and a traffic stop was attempted. Nisley said Henry got out of a moving vehicle and ran away but was caught at 8th and Chenowith streets. Another of his backpacks was recovered with drugs inside.

“The judge did the right thing by giving him the maximum allowable

sentence,” said Nisley.

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