Editor's note: All individuals arrested are presumed innocent until proven guilty.

Mid-Columbia Fire & Rescue

Personnel responded to eight calls for emergency medical services, including one motor vehicle/pedestrian accident, on Wednesday.

The Dalles City

A caller in the 300 block of Court Street reported Wednesday afternoon a homeless person was hanging out in the alley and he wanted him to move along. Police saw that the person was not on the caller’s property and wasn’t bothering anyone or impeding traffic.

Officers trespassed two people from under the overpass in the 900 block of West Second Wednesday afternoon.

A caller in the 2200 block of West 14th Street reported Wednesday afternoon numerous break-ins in the last month at the house he is renting a room from. He said he wanted fingerprints taken to clear his name because his landlord has accused him of breaking into an outside shop. The matter was logged for information.

A caller in the 200 block of West Second reported Wednesday afternoon an intoxicated man was in the lobby. The man was taken to the hospital by medics.

A caller at East 11th and G streets reported Wednesday afternoon a woman was driving without a license. The traffic officer advised the driver’s license was valid.

A person in the 1600 block of East 13th came to the station Wednesday afternoon to report identity theft, with over $2,200 in game system charges to her credit card since June. She said her bank was investigating. She was given numbers to major credit card bureaus as well as Social Security.

A caller in the 400 block of East Scenic reported Wednesday afternoon his car was hit in the parking lot and no note was left by the suspect. An officer was going to see if the parking lot has video surveillance.

A caller in apartments in the 1700 block of West 10th Street reported the upstairs neighbor stomps on her ceiling, tried to pull her patio decorations down and lets his dog urinate on the bush in front of her house. She said she’s tried to talk to the neighbor to no avail, and has tried to work with the landlord but has had no relief. She said she would avoid neighbor and keep documentation.

A caller reported Wednesday evening she was just involved in a car versus pedestrian accident at Second and Union. She turned south onto Union and struck pedestrian in intersection. The pedestrian was taken to the hospital by medics and she was told she will be cited when the extent of injuries are determined.

A caller in the 2400 block of West 10th reported Wednesday evening her ex-boyfriend came over and rammed her into the door and her son was right behind her.

She told police she didn’t want to press charges but wanted him trespassed. The ex told police he didn’t push anyone, but just wanted his cell phone back. The ex could not be trespassed because his name was on the lease.

A caller in the 400 block of Washington reported Wednesday evening that he was picked up from the hospital where he just had surgery and his wife started yanking him around and threw him out of the vehicle. He didn’t want to press charges, he said tensions were high because it was taking the pharmacy a long time to get his medications, and his son came to pick him up.

A caller in the 1200 block of West Sixth Street reported Wednesday evening a man was making aggressive and racial comments to women. Police suggested the man leave for the evening and he left.

A caller at 10th and Garrison reported Wednesday evening a woman was chasing a girl with a knife. Police found the woman home alone working on her steam cleaner. She believed the caller was a man who has been messing with her for several months now.

An officer cited several vehicles parked backwards in the 400 block of West Eighth Street and in the 1500 block of Mt. Hood Street Wednesday evening.

A caller in the 1200 block of East 13th Street reported late Wednesday seeing a male put his hands around a female’s neck. Police arrived and could hear loud arguing. The homeowner refused to open the door and a juvenile female came to the door and said she was ok, no one choked her.

A caller in the 2500 block of West Sixth reported early Thursday that lodgers were having an argument and a woman was yelling “just kill me.” Police arrived and the male in the room said the female was trying to hurt herself, trying to jump out a window. He said the two of them wrestled around while pulling her from window. Samuel Guadalupe Mora Silva, 19, The Dalles, was arrested on six counts of first-degree failure to appear and one count of unlawful possession of methamphetamine.

A caller at the Lone Pine in-lieu site reported early Thursday a teen was having difficulty breathing and was vomiting. The person was taken to the hospital.

Wasco County

Alex Michael Kemp, 26, The Dalles, was transported and jailed Wednesday on accusations of a probation violation.

Deputy responded to reports of a vehicle that’s been parked on a gravel overflow area off First Street near Highway 30 for over six weeks. Tires marked, unable to locate owner.

Deputy responded to a strange phone call from a man slurring, claiming there’s going to be a problem, and saying that another man has no license and will be drunk driving. Unable to locate either party.

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