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Drops of condensation from early morning fog are shown on the leaves of a Japanese Maple tree May 16 in Tacoma, Wash.

38 arrested in Klamath drug raid

GRANTS PASS (AP) — More than 300 local, state and federal officers, some in camouflage gear and helmets, fanned out across rural Klamath County in the pre-dawn darkness Wednesday and arrested 38 people accused of operating a methamphetamine and gun distribution network connected to Mexican drug cartels. Ten more were still sought.

Darin Tweedt, chief counsel of the criminal division of the Oregon Department of Justice, said the raids were the culmination of an eight-month investigation dubbed Operation Trojan Horse. It started last October when agents from the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives came to the state criminal division with information about the ring. State authorities enlisted the help of local authorities and other federal agencies, and the investigation snowballed.

Pitbulls invade home, kill cat

LONGVIEW, Wash. (AP) — A 26-year-old man was watching TV downstairs in his parents’ Longview, Wash., home when two pit bulls he’d never seen before entered the home through a sliding glass door left open on a sunny morning.

Sandra Anderson tells the Daily News that her son Kelly tried to shoo the dogs back outside, but the family’s 11-year-old cat named Flex awoke from a nap and the dogs pounced.

Although Sandra Anderson says her son hit the dogs with a closet rod, the dogs killed the cat. Kelly was finally able to sneak out a side door and shut the dogs in the house while his mother called 911.

The Humane Society’s animal control officer determined the dogs lived 2 ½ blocks away and issued the owner a $771 ticket for allowing the dogs to run loose and failing to license one of them.

Still no sign of missing Utah mom

SCOTTS MILLS (AP) — After spending two days at a rural Oregon property looking for traces of missing Utah mother Susan Powell, police have found no signs of her and have exhausted the lead, authorities said Thursday.

“It’s been a meticulously investigated case. We’ve looked at every tip and aspect” and will continue to do so, said Sgt. Mike Powell, spokesman for West Valley City police in Utah. He said he believed police were wrapping up the search.

“We’re still looking for Susan,” he told The Associated Press.

The property is located near Scotts Mills, northeast of Salem, Oregon’s capital.

In an interview Wednesday night, Susan Powell’s father said he hoped the investigators would turn up some sign of her.

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