Snow day makeup scheduled

A break in the weather over the weekend brought plenty of shoppers to Cascade Square in The Dalles, where this driver took advantage of his 4-wheel drive SUV to park close to the store on a high pile of piled snow.

The last day of school for District 21 was moved to Wednesday, June 19, from its original date of Thursday, June 13, to make up for missed days of school.

The North Wasco County School District 21 board voted Thursday to amend the school calendar to make up for lost instructional hours due to inclement weather.

In addition to adding four classroom days to the end of the school year, the district opted to use 30 hours of staff development time as instructional time, as is allowed by law, and to use 15 hours of parent-teacher conference time as instructional time.

The last teacher days on the calendar are moved from June 14-17 to June 20-21.

So far, as of the Thursday, Feb. 28 board meeting, the district had lost six regular school days, two late-start Wednesdays, and had three two-hour delays, said Superintendent Candy Armstrong.

The date for high school graduation will not be changed, since travel plans are made for that far in advance, Armstrong said. Graduation is Saturday, June 8.

The high school is on a trimester system, and all of the missed days have fallen in the second trimester. To alleviate some of that issue, the last day of the second trimester was changed from March 14 to Thursday, March 21.

The end-of-trimester teacher workday was moved from Friday, March 15 to Friday, March 22. For students, that gives them an extra day of spring break, which will begin that Friday.

The third trimester will start at the end of spring break.

By law, districts can count 30 hours of parent-teacher conference time toward instructional hours. This school year, the district was only planning to use 15 of those 30 hours, but now it is using all 30.

By law, elementary students are required to have 900 hours of instructional time. Without the added days, they stood at 899.9 hours. With the updated calendar, and no further closures, they will have 966.3 hours.

The middle school is required to have 900, and they will have 1,070.9 with the change and no more closures.

Grades 9-11 in the high school are required to have 990 hours, but without the added days would’ve had 961. With the updated calendar they have 1,029 hours of class time.

Seniors are required to have 966 hours and without the added hours were at 938. The changes bring them up to 1,006 hours.

The district built in “a little wiggle room” in case more snow days occur, Armstrong said.

At Dufur School District, Superintendent Jack Henderson said school has been closed for 10 days, but because it has so much instructional time owing to longer school days, it is still above state requirements.

However, the board on Monday converted three remaining teacher training days to instructional days, because “the fact the kids haven’t been in school and have missed instructional time bothers me,” he said.

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