Wood program donation

A 2009 truck has been purchased for the exclusive use of Wasco County community wood program. Pictured with the new truck are, left to right, Scott Hege, Wasco County Commissioner; Bill Hamilton, with Calvary Baptist and Fix-It for Him; Nicole Beaman, who runs the wood program as the county corrections’ community service supervisor; Jennifer Dewey, general manager of Ray Shultens Ford; Molly Rogers, director of Wasco County Youth Services; and Bob Schultens, owner of Ray Schultens Ford.

In appreciation of her hard work, Calvary Baptist Church purchased a truck for Nicole Beaman to use in her work running Wasco County’s community wood program.

The 2009 Ford F250 was purchased by Calvary Baptist from Ray Schultens Motors. Bob Schultens is a member of Calvary Baptist, said Bill Hamilton, who reached out to the Chronicle about the donation.

The wood program receives wood donated by the community, and juvenile and adult offenders who must do community service help cut up the wood, which is then donated to low income individuals.

Beaman is the work crew coordinator for the Wasco County Youth Services Department.

Hamilton said, “This is in honor of her work ethic, working with the people needing community service, and providing an outreach source that gives them purpose and self worth, and also provides the community with wood for those who need it.”

She said Beaman has also worked with him for the last five years in his repair program through Calvary Baptist, Fix It For HIM, which does home improvement projects for individuals in the community.

Hamilton said Beaman has “been using an old Durango with the engine light on that belongs to Wasco County. They furnish a vehicle but right now it’s not a very good vehicle for the purposes she needs.

“The people who are working hard and have been for a long time sometimes don’t get recognized and I think it’s good to do that,” Hamilton said. “So this is a way of not giving a truck to Nicole, but she gets to use it.”

Beaman said, “The Department of Youth Services is grateful for the community support and generosity of the Fix it for HIM group and the Calvary Baptist congregation. The donation of the truck will allow us to continue to give to the community. It is a way to pay it forward.”

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