All-league basketball player Alexus Outlaw is known for her prowess on the court, but is sure meet or surpass that level in the classroom.

Outlaw received the Mathematics Student of the Year for Algebra II, earned Junior Student of the Semester, and was one of two females, along with Aleksei Uhalde, to join the 500-pound Club in Weight Training.

“I believe these awards make me want to do bigger and better things as a senior,” Outlaw said.

Curtis Crawford, Hagen Pence and Abraham Vazquez were part of the 1,000-pound Club.

Another hoops standout, Kayla Bailey, picked up a Global Studies Award, Volleyball and Hoops player, Mikayla Kelly had her name called as the Physical Science Award winner and added a science award in biology.

Cheerleader Chloe Hipsley won the Barbara Paint Technical Education Scholarship, volleyball player Sydney Reed earned three scholarships and Kolbe Bales was the Bob Stevenson Athletic Scholarship winner, along with Reed.

Volleyball player Emily Grande-DePriest was named 2017 valedictorian, earned four scholarships, and she won awards in Calculus and Personal Finance.

Derek Frakes, Haili Wolf-DePriest, Bales and Reed won Language Arts awards, Wolf-DePriest, Matthew Sipe, Reed and Wade Blake won Pre-Calculus honors, and both Reghan Smith and Trinity Blake were Algebra I winners.

Bales earned an award for Government and both Wade Blake and Wolf-DePriest were named for U.S. History.

Trey Darden, Makenna West, Cole Kortge, Reed, Wolf-DePriest, Sipe, Connor Uhalde and Smith were recognized for their ASB service.

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