The world is going to get worse if we throw away morality. Wonder why there are more shootings, more people snapping? It is easy to blame guns, but the reality is that guns don’t kill people, people do.

I know, it must be a pitch for the NRA right ? WRONG! This is a pitch for getting back to morality. We are so messed up as a society. John Wayne would be imprisoned now. Ricky Ricardo (Desi Arnaz) chastized and deported. Not saying that everything they did was right either.

Our society thrives on hate, which is why Trump does so well and has gotten so much done. It has been that way throughout the history of our world. Napoleon, Custer, Hitler even great stories and characters that are real or fiction, like Star Wars, the Dark Side, Darth Vader, the Empire, old earth history, Caesar and Pharaoh. All used hate to instill fear that united people to bring swift action — it is easier to motivate that way than to do so the moral way.

Now, when you talk of morals you are shunned as living in a fairytale like a child. Parents teach their childeren not to believe in fairytales and, instead, get ready for the harshness of life being dog-eat-dog. No more Santa Claus, God and 10 Commandments, not even among Christians. Ironically, it is all New Covenant. Kids are allowed to be adults, but aren't allowed to be kids. We teach them a pack mentality and, then, when one doesn't fit, we force them into it and are shocked when they crack and take others with them.

We are so quick to blame the guns or the kids and the parents, but not the society that led to it. How can we not expect more when we are forcing so many into a mold that fits so few? Blanket equality has destroyed our nation; every opportunity for all has been confused with everyone gets the same thing, which is insane. It is as dumb as making every male wear a bra and female a jock for equality’s sake.

If we truly want to end shootings in schools, we need to end the disease that causes it and, by doing so, we end a lot of the strife plaguing our country.


People mature at different times. If a student determines they are no longer a child at 12-14 years of age and you force them to keep going to school, they are disruptive and infect other students. Take that student out of the school and put them to work as an adult. They are probably more adept at learning from a working enviroment. They can be taught the rest of the things they need to know in a working school enviroment that creates less trouble for other students and teachers.


Quit trying to make all students fit together. Have smaller schools where aggressive students can't prey on vulnerable ones. Segregate schools, not by race, but social preference chosen by the student and approved by the staff so a hate-filled child doesn’t go to a mixed school, etc. Eventually, you'll have all the hate-filled children isolated and contained where they can get the extra help they need and the vulnerable ones won't go off the deep end and kill themselves.


Teach the way the student learns. There is no such thing as bad students, only bad teachers. But, in our case, the teachers are bound by the system. There needs to be one teacher and two assistants per class by law so the teacher can teach one way while the assistants translate two other ways for students identified as hands on and sight learners. Confident students don't kill their fellow students and teachers.

In conclusion, we need to teach what’s good in the world and the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto to you,” along with “Don't steal,” “Don't lie,” “Don’t be jealous of others’ belongings, social status, or significant other.” “Don't hurt or kill another or yourself.” “Don’t say bad things about anyone, true or not.” These are a minimum that our society must live by in order to survive reguardless of religous orientation, or none at all. Ask yourself if you at least do this much. What makes a true American is one who inspires those around them. There is more you can do to help the nation, but that is for another story.

— Robert Kase resides in The Dalles with his wife of 20 years and 18-year-old daughter.

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