Theater reopening soon

Charles Gomez and Debra Liddell, who are purchasing the Granada Theater, have brought a new level of enthusiasm to town. Their plans to renovate the theater, which has long been vacant, are exciting and could prove to be a huge boost for The Dalles’ economy.

Cultural enrichment

The Gorge Winds Concert Band is tuning up for a spring concert in The Dalles later this month. The group is made up of volunteer musicians who donate their time and talents to bring cultural enrichment opportunities to communities in the Mid-Columbia region.

Mentoring future leaders

Leaders of the Royal Rangers are to be commended for mentoring young men so that they grow up to be strong leaders in their families and communities. The program also imparts valuable life skills, and encourages teamwork and readiness training so young men will know how to deal with a variety of challenges.

Honoring responders

VFW Post 2471 Auxiliary deserves a big “Thank You!” from the community for honoring firefighters and police agencies each of the last 28 years with a special meal. The annual dinner provides emergency responders with an opportunity to connect and enjoy social time together, and provides a setting for each agency to recognize outstanding achievement in a public forum.

Decades of service

Marlys Krein well deserves the recognition she recently received from the American Red Cross for 63 years of dedicated service. In a day and age when volunteerism is on the decline, Krein has set the example of what “giving back” really means.

Taking care of vets

Volunteers with the Wasco County Veterans’ Service Office and Oregon Veterans’ Home are to be commended for honoring military families with their service. It is incumbent on every American to look for ways to show gratitude for the sacrifices made by veterans who have provided for the national defense.

Promotion by pouring

Sedition Brewing in The Dalles well represented Gorge breweries at the fourth annual Gorge(ous) Night Out legislative reception in Salem. Sedition served craft beers from several local companies at the event organized by Rep. John Huffman, R-The Dalles, and other officials to promote the region. Kudos to Huffman for educating his peers about the attractions of the Gorge so they can carry the message home to their constituents.

Focusing on public safety

Crossing the street in The Dalles became a little safer this month with The Dalles Police Department’s enforcement action that highlighted the problem of motorists not paying attention to pedestrian activity. Twenty-nine tickets were handed out and public awareness was raised.

Addressing concerns

Wasco County Sheriff Lane Magill, Police Chief Pat Ashmore and Oregon State Police Lt. Pat Shortt have been doing a masterful job of addressing the concerns of immigrants about how sanctuary and deportation laws work. During a time of change, their calm way of answering questions has undoubtedly helped calm fears.

Advocating for agriculture

The Oregon Farm Bureau is helping farmers prepare for potential visits by Immigration Customs Enforcement by educating them about their rights.

The organization is also fulfilling its advocacy role by pushing for federal expansion of the H-2A Temporary Agriculture Workers program that will make it more affordable and accessible to farmers seeking certainty with labor.

Dangerous decision

Adrian Santiago Graves, 19, was jailed and stands accused of firing a stolen weapon multiple times from a car in early March and putting the safety of area residents at risk. If he did this, some time behind bars may rehabilitate his thinking.

Out of sight, out of mind

The Portland City Council, according to The Dalles Mayor Steve Lawrence, “is hiding behind privacy issues” and won’t tell local officials if they have been buying bus tickets to send homeless people to The Dalles and perhaps other cities to alleviate problems they may cause.

If this is happening, shame on Portland for being willing to burden a small city, one with limited resources, with a large societal problem.

— “Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down” is a regular column compiled by Chronicle reporters that recognizes individuals and actions benefitting area communities and encourages change when necessary.

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