To the editor:

Our political system is a broken embarrassing mess.

Can it be fixed? No. Why not? The participant’s minds are trained and conditioned to accept lies, fraud and deception. Where does this come from? The two hobby “beliefs.” Political party member’s minds are already enamored to the lies of professor or pastor. Both sell a hobby belief that is founded on a complete lack of true investigation and honest examination only possible with open questioning.

A party member usually fits into one of two groups, a casual evolutionist or church religion. Each of these “beliefs” survives on no answers, biased assumptions, fears and hate. These two foundation beliefs of our society are dead ends. If and when questions and investigation are applied to pastor or professor you are met with dead silence or screaming: Pastor— “Don’t you believe in the New Testament?” End of conversation. Professor—“It evolved over billions of years!” End of conversation.

So it has become of our political system—screaming or silence from the deceiving politician who refuses to answer a direct question honestly.

All three are deceivers—professor, pastor and politician. Each caters to your biased hates or unsubstantiated fears. Evolution is an obvious insult to all the intricate and miraculous biological functions you see in life. You know this but your hate for church religion “moral rules” drives you mad so you swallow the absurd professor’s concoction. If you dared question professor concerning your belief you would expose the lies and find yourself looking for new answers.

The church-going party member is a perfect robot for the politician since they have been trained by pastor to be obediently loyal to half truths and lies. Pastor has destroyed a reasonable and worthy truth and replaced it with a false assumption of immortal souls going to heaven or a false fear of going to hell. These are lies.

Our political system reflects the destructive negative force of your hobby beliefs, accepting lies to be in the club. You accept the easy lie for you have become lazy and careless for truth.

All three need to be abandoned. There is a place to find truth where you don’t have to lie to yourself. You will do the work. You ask the questions and you will find the answers. You will be responsible, not the “professionals” and you will discover true freedom away from this sad unhealthy unproductive political sickness.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles

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