To the editor,

An open letter to Congressman Greg Walden:

Thank you, Mr. Walden, for joining the majority in the House of Representatives last Wednesday with your vote to condemn Trump’s decision to abandon our Kurdish allies in Northern Syria, allies who were instrumental in our fight against ISIS.

However, I am deeply disappointed in your failure to stand up against Trump’s continuous parade of unethical, unpatriotic, untruthful, unhinged, obstructionist, and illegal actions. Where is the line for you, Mr. Walden? Or do you believe that the president should be allowed to continue his march toward autocracy unhindered by congressional oversight?

Shortly after the now infamous phone call with the president of Ukraine, you posted on Facebook: “while it wasn’t President Trump’s finest moment, from what I’ve seen so far it certainly does not rise to ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’. Americans deserve to get all of the facts—including seeing both the report from the whistleblower and the transcripts of the conversations former Vice President Joe Biden has had.”

In the past three weeks, we’ve seen those things plus a great deal more, and it has only incriminated the president further.

Mr. Walden, will you NOW support an impeachment inquiry to allow Americans to “get all of the facts” you believe we deserve?

With the remarkable exception of the partial transcript of the phone call, Trump continues to obstruct justice and to keep the facts hidden by his refusal to comply with congressional subpoenas.

Don’t you wonder what he is trying so hard to hide? I certainly do.

This is NOT, as many of your Republican colleagues claim, and as you inferred during a recent town hall in Tygh Valley, a ‘groundless effort by Democrats who still don’t accept the results of the last election.’

No sir, what Democrats don’t accept is this president’s hateful and divisive rhetoric. We don’t accept being lied to by this president more than 13,000 times since he took office. We don’t accept his dangerous ego, his belief in his “great and unmatched wisdom,” which leads him to make great and unmatched mistakes with grave consequences for Americans and our allies.

We don’t accept his unabashed self-dealing, choosing his own financial and political interest over our democracy.

We don’t accept his corruption, Mr. Walden, and neither should you.

Mr. Walden, it’s time for you to publicly support the impeachment inquiry of this unfit president.

Deborah Ferrer

The Dalles

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