To the editor:

I am appalled and truly saddened that Oregon is appealing to the state Supreme Court the rulings by lower courts that the proposed Walmart may not build on its chosen site here in The Dalles due to its wetlands.

There are clear state and federal regulations established over recent decades to save the remaining wetlands that are so important to our ecosystem. Our country has lost well over 50 percent of its wetlands in the last two centuries.

The argument made by the Oregon Dept. of State Lands is specious, using the argument that the “public need” for Walmart outweighs wetlands protections.

We are so lucky to have this small ecosystem of a rare seasonal wetland, with vernal pools, on that acreage. Vernal pools provide habitat for uniquely adapted plants, and egrets, ducks, and hawks use the pools as a seasonal source of food.

Walmart, find another site to build on. State of Oregon, don’t be complicit in choosing profit over protecting what’s left of our precious natural environment.

Janet Kavanagh

The Dalles

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