To the editor:

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Jose Aparicio and I am running for North Wasco County School District School Board Zone 6. My family and I moved to The Dalles in 2016. This community has been welcoming to my family and me. It did not take long for us to feel at home and we are excited to raise our son here.

Growing up in rural Oregon, the schools were the center of my community. I have fond memories of “Battle of the Books” in elementary school, receiving mentorship from coaches, and gaining leadership skills in school clubs. As a person who considers himself a public school success, I want to make sure my son and the children in our community have those same opportunities.

In my professional life, I have been fortunate to manage bond related construction for Hood River County School District. This experience has provided me with a behind-the-scenes look at how school districts operate, how they are funded, how school boards function, and the challenges school leaders face. As a result, I fully grasp the role and responsibility of a school board member.

As a project manager in the construction industry, procurement, budgeting, accounting, and transparent reporting are essential skills of my daily work. For more than a decade, I have earned the trust of my clients and have established a well-respected reputation. Because of my experience, I would be an asset on the school board as it looks to improve and/or replace its facilities.

With the upcoming retirement of the current NWCSD Superintendent, the school board will be hiring her replacement. Through my involvement at HRCSD, I have worked closely with their superintendent and have seen first-hand the qualities that have made him a successful superintendent. This will help me when evaluating candidates for the position in our district.

Our facilities and hiring of a new superintendent are two major topics our district will be facing in the coming years. I am uniquely experienced in both of these areas and will be able to help our district navigate them successfully.

Together with your help, I look forward to building trust, building community, and building a better future for our kids.

For more information, please visit my Facebook page @jose4schoolboard or email me directly at

Jose Aparicio

The Dalles

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