To the editor:

Intelligent commonsense thinking people avoid The Hebrew Scriptures (the bible) due to a deceptive tactic used by “pastor”—oversimplification.

It is inappropriate to assume that the creator has chosen to convey his written message to mankind using an oversimplified immature form of communication. In fact the very opposite is true. Divine testimony is revealed using a very complex method of communication.

There is a reason for this. Intentional complexity acts as a filter to prevent people who think they may approach the hidden glory of the creator in a self affirming and self glorifying manner. This filter system is likened to the refining process of gold: Much time and heat is required.

The simplicity stumbling block evolves from the misconception that the creator’s foundational motivation is quantity. It is not. It is quality. He is determined to enlist only highly-qualified people to aid his son in his future “fix this earth” mission. To become worthy of a position one must be successful at blending all scripture into a harmonious sound.

Pastor is not interested in harmony with the creator but unity amongst men. Unity amongst men is the ultimate insult to the creator. Why? It is the acceptance that diversity is the goal. Toleration of diversity means that one church may teach 1+1= 3, another 1+1= 4 and another 1+1= 5, which pastor approves. Amazing. Diversity is for the lazy minded who have convinced themselves that any scripture teaching that exceeds their one minute attention span to understand is totally unnecessary.

Harmony with the creator may only be attained at great cost for it demands that our deceitful, prideful, arrogant human heart be circumcised. True circumcision comes only when one applies the two edged sword—the written word in its entirety. The creator is seeking people who will allow their hearts to be dominated by their enlightened minds. An honest search into all the books, chapters and passages is the only path to harmony with the creator.

It is much easier and expedient for pastor to condone creator-hating, diverse superstitions for they need not be taught.

The more a religious body experiences toleration of diversity the further from the one truth they will travel. Celebrating diversity insults the creator for it degrades his authority while it exalts the basest lusts of the human heart.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles

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