To the editor,

I have a road the city recently put between lots. The City of The Dalles did a wonderful job. I was glad to help, by the way. The purpose was to access the sewer line. I was okay with it.

The problem is, I’m denied a permit for dirt on top of the bluff because the engineer for Community Development said it is an erosion risk. That was many years ago.

My wife and I own and have lived on these lots for 35 years. Not once in these 35 years did any land movement ever come about.

I was told that five other properties are denied as well. I was also told the road would not go between these five lots unless somebody wants to build.

If we owners can’t improve property for a sale, then the only profit is with the city for sewer access. If we are denied dirt due to erosion, wouldn’t the same be true for the road and sewer? It is good enough for the city, but not for the owners.

We gave up 40 feet between lots for the road and sewer access.

It does not add up. The responsible party should be whoever buys the lots to build on.

There is no erosion here, I’m only wanting dirt to level my lot, no more over our bank.

I ask, would our mayor, and citizens who care, come see for yourself.

Fred Alvear

The Dalles

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