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To the editor: According to the article, “Legislators seek input on OR ‘cap and trade,’” published In the July 24 edition of The Dalles Chronicle, Senator Bentz and Representative Bonham will hold a town hall meeting in The Dalles on Tuesday, July 30, for the purpose of hearing what Oregonians want to do when it comes to CO2: Pay more at the pump, meter, and grocery store; use some other means of addressing carbon reduction; or nothing. Six talking points are listed.

My choice is to do nothing for the following reasons:

1. Many examples are present of data being altered to fit the desired outcome.  This is NOT science!;  2.  Computers have been diverging higher and higher from measured surface temperature values.  3. Only  tiny portion of greenhouse gases are man-made and have minimum effect. 4.  The media only recently abandoned the “ global cooling” scare.  5.  The significant role of solar activities has been ignored.  6.  The Antarctica is getting colder.  7.  The goal of some advocates is to convert the US into a  socialist country.  8.  Many dire predictions have NOT occurred.

In response to the six talking points:  Is Cap and Trade right for Oregon? No; What should Oregon do about climate change? Nothing;  How can Oregon’s people be ‘climate relevant’ in a world of 7.5 billion people? Continue using clean, life-giving fossil fuels; Are people of Oregon ready to pay to reduce CO 2? No.  Should parts of Oregon’s economy be sacrificed so CO2 can be reduced more quickly? No. Are there more efficient ways of addressing CO2 reduction than those found in HB 2020? CO2 levels don’t need to be reduced and are irrelevant in climate control.

I think the CO2 scare is the largest fraudulent group-think in my 86 years of life!  Let’s start dealing with the truth!

Donald Rose

Hood River

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You're regurgitating oil industry talking points. I know this stuff is complicated, so I'll take it step by step here.


In the past, the Earth’s average temperatures fluctuate a bit, but nothing like the sudden spike we’re seeing now. The problem is a gas called carbon dioxide, or CO2 for short.

In the right quantities, it’s a good thing. CO2 traps heat from the sun, keeping Earth from reflecting all that heat back into space and becoming freezing cold like Mars.

And until recently, there’s always been a healthy balance between how much CO2 is produced by sources like volcanos, and absorbed by plants or the ocean, so levels remain stable.

But recently CO2 has increased. A lot. In 1950, annual global CO2 emissions were around 6 gigatonnes. Now they are around 37 gigatonnes.

97% of scientists agree that our current climate change is caused by human activity. Humans have disturbed this careful balance by burning massive amounts of fossil fuels, particularly oil and coal - which has generated WAY WAY too much CO2. Humans are, by far, the biggest contributors of CO2 to the atmosphere.

The CO2 curve and the world population growth curve are almost identical. That means emissions per capita hasn’t changed over the last century or so. We’re just too many people to be burning that much CO2 per person.

Over time, all this CO2 has trapped more and more heat, rapidly raising the temperature of the planet. In fact, 17 of the 18 warmest years in the 136-year record having occurred since 2001.

We’re all to blame, but some of us more than others.

-The US is both the largest single historical source of carbon AND practically the only nation not engaged in international efforts to control it.

-Just 100 companies, primarily in the fossil fuel extraction industry, are responsible for producing over two-thirds of all CO2 emissions.

-The richest 10% of the world- are the consumers responsible for driving half of CO2 emissions.

-A member of the richest 1% causes 175x as much CO2 emissions as someone at or below the poverty line.

As this warming has accelerated, we’ve gone from ‘climate change’ to ‘climate crisis’ to ‘climate emergency’

You can call it a hoax all you want. But please explain to me how NASA, the World Bank, the UN, and 97% of all climate scientists would all be in on this hoax. And finally, the planet doesn't care what you believe. But it will happily wipe out your kids and grandkids and leave them living in a hellscape.

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