To the editor:

Well, the Mueller report is in, nearly two years in the making and 25 (+) Million dollars in costs to the taxpayer.  That’s right, your monies.

Done at the behest of the Democrats to prove that Hillary could not have lost to a non-professional politician without Russian help.

But in spite of all the lawyers, detectives, informants (and skullduggery on the part of the Democrats involved) there was no collusion. I did not stutter, there was no collusion.

But if you think the crybaby Democrats are through with their revenge of hate and anger, you are sadly mistaken. You guessed it, the Democrats are going to investigate the nebulous and non-existent Russian collusion again. You betcha.

Mueller and his cohorts did not look for or at anything else that affected the 2016 election. No Democratic shenanigans and no Clinton manipulations.  It was an absolutely pointed investigation to prove that Trump colluded with the Russians to win the 2016 election.

Oh, I knew that nothing would be blamed on Hillary or Bill, they have been manipulating American politics for a lifetime and know how to play the game. The DNC, top level politicians, the hierarchy  of the FBI,  political pundits, main stream media moguls, so-called comedians, stats of Hollywood and New York, celebrities and pop singers have joined in to help develop the most pervasive atmosphere of hate and anger ever witnessed in this country.

Many of those people assured us they knew that Trump was guilty of collusion with the Russians. They alluded to the fact that they had the evidence in hand. Duh.

In turn, that aura of anger in itself has assuredly influenced and contributed to the rage expressed by mass shootings, officer shootings, home grown terror attacks, suicides and depression.

Should Trump win the 2020 election we can look forward to another two years of asinine antics on the part of the Democrats.  Like the last two years, the Democrats will not progress any efforts on behalf of the United States, just more hate and anger against President Trump.

One of their new candidates is a political Obama look alike: Newly elected and proposing far reaching and unfunded social changes, no economic progress for anyone and not in congressional office long enough to know where the bathrooms are!

Being an old Missouri hillbilly I know hog when I see it.

G. D. Summers

The Dalles

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