To the editor:

Every year in the month of February the microscopic body of brothers and sisters in The Truth scattered around the world are mutually reading the book of Exodus.

We are reading about the 10 miraculous plagues inflicted upon Egypt through Moses. These miracles were not just historical incidents but more importantly they are parables.

A parable is a teaching tool. Nearly all The Scriptures are parables.

What these dramatic plagues teach our current generation is that for the most part nothing has changed. Today the nations of the world are Egypt and Israel is still Israel. The miraculous plagues were inflicted upon Egypt because there was and still is a war between the truth and the lie.

The Egyptians invented the lie that humans possess an immortal soul. Plato the Greek refined it and the church pastor has honed it as a cruel weapon to terrify and control the customer.

As each plague diminished Pharaoh and the Egyptians, they simply hardened their hearts towards the truth. The miracles are repeating themselves but are seen differently today.  The existence of Israel is a miracle.

Their existence is not due to their ability or power. When the ninth plague was unleashed upon Egypt it was one of three days of total darkness, a darkness that could be felt. The true miracle was the fact that even though the Sons of Israel were living in Egypt they had light in all their dwellings. They were miraculously protected. That is what the parable teaches us.

Israel is still being protected and the world continues to act like Pharaoh and refuses to “see.” Israel is the only democratic light in the entire region of the Middle East. She shines in the fields of humanitarian aid, the sciences, technology, and agriculture and is one of the largest contributors of free trade in the world. What we are seeing today is simple and it fulfills the parable of the plagues.

The churches of Christendom are holding onto the pagan superstitious of Egypt who instead of humbling themselves prefers to hold on to their lie and watch their world be destroyed. The 10th plague devastated Egypt with the death of the first born among man and beast. When the Sons of Israel left Egypt some of her people did humble themselves and left with the Jews for they “saw” the light.

Immortal soulism is a lie along with evolution. The miracle of Israel directs the humble, the courageous and wise to act now.   

Gary Fischer

The Dalles

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