To the editor:

American people, in fact the world, have been subjected to a conspiracy to destroy Donald J. Trump for almost three years that makes Watergate look like a school prom. The DNC, Clinton Campaign, The FBI, DOJ, Obama and major players in his administration were part of this criminal fraud. These facts have been known by many and will come out soon unless of course you get your “information” from the main-stream media.

The Mother of all Conspiracy Theories started early in the 2016 presidential campaign with robust corruption at all levels [attempting] to connect Trump, his family and anyone they could to a fairy tale of collusion with a foreign power to win an election. Over a year ago that dog wouldn’t hunt so they changed the narrative to obstruction, another tale.

Besides a government weaponized against a duly elected president through spying, leaking and lying, an astonishing performance ensued with lock step precision accusing our president of heinous acts and impotence of all nature by the fake news media. Trump was right. These people tried to destroy the President and anyone associated with him and for what, because “she” didn’t win? An innocent man has been found innocent.

Pat Price

Stevenson, Wash.

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