To the editor:

I was fired from my radio show gig yesterday by the general manager at a local radio station for poo pooing both our local hospitals. I had been plugging an alternative clinic, and apparently someone complained to the management, and here we are.

The last time I was fired was 2003 or so when I was vocally against the invasion of Iraq and that war. That ended a 14-year run on Q104 and yesterday ends a 12-13-year stretch on another local station.

It seems that it’s really unpopular to tell my audience things that we already know that we are not supposed to say, like how we are getting ripped off by the medical system in this country, or how spending a trillion plus dollars and murdering 100,000 plus innocent people in Iraq was a bad idea, or the local railroad tie plant spewing pollutants into our air here in The Dalles on a daily basis.

One or two people complain, but it’s funny how NONE of my 14 sponsors complained because they realized I’m telling the truth, something we seem to have a problem with in this “Christian” country of ours.

You see my radio show was a “Blues” show, Blues, Gospel, Soul, Zydeco, American roots music with a small splattering of reality thrown in. Ninety-eight percent Blues and two percent reality— that reality will get you every time!!

I’d also tell you where to pick up a dog at the “Home at Last” shelter or about Alcohol Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous or where to go to the “Rebuild-it Center” to recycle building materials.

I will still protest when I feel the need to protest and speak out on injustices as I see them because that’s what I do. I’m not a sit-on-my-hands kind of guy, I call ‘em like I see ‘em.

Thanks for listening.


Squrl Steve Curley

The Dalles

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