To the editor:

I’ve been a gun owner for many years. I no longer hunt, but hold fond memories of time spent in the field with hunting partners and friends. I understand the attraction of owning quality firearms. Like others, I’m troubled by the number of deaths from gun related suicides, homicides, mass shootings and accidents.

Our 2nd Amendment rights come with responsibilities. If we want to continue to own guns without burdensome restrictions, we need to be a part of crafting sensible gun legislation. Responsible gun ownership requires that we support measures that reduce gun deaths.

Measures that deserve our support include:

• Funding research that treats gun deaths as a public health issue.

• Background checks on all gun sales.

• Red flag laws that keep guns out of the hands of people likely to harm themselves or others.

• Age restrictions and stricter licensing requirements for high-capacity weapons.

• Safe storage requirements for guns in homes with children.

With over 300 million guns in society, new legislation is not going to make gun deaths go away. But we should not let our inability to stop gun violence keep us from reducing it where we can. Every gun death is a tragedy for some family.

Offering thoughts and prayers is no longer enough. We need to take responsibility for reducing gun deaths and reject the voices of those who profit from opposing any efforts to reduce those deaths.

Richard Davis

The Dalles

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