To the editor:

Before running for President Donald Trump had profound concern about the overall direction of where the country was going. Deeply troubled, he began asking his business associates these questions: Do we want to erase America’s borders so we no longer have a country? Do we really want to destroy our Free Enterprise system and replace it with Socialism? And do we want our country governed by the United Nations instead of our Constitution? Their answer to all these queries was an emphatic NO. After this meeting Trump took action… got traction… put all his personal interests aside, ran for President and won the election despite all the intense hatred for him from most of the mainstream media and the highly insulted Deep State. (No common sense bridges wanted here.) Trump didn’t need this job as POTUS. He was an extremely successful multi billionaire. By the way… he does not draw a salary. That money goes to charity. Is he rough around the edges as well as blatantly blunt? You bet. Is he doing what’s right? Absolutely.

Bill Davis

Hood River

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