To the editor:

Response to Gary Fischer’s Aug. 8 letter:

Gary writes: “I am presenting a fair, open view of the Bible.” Question Gary: Do you accept the New Testament portion of the Bible as reliable and true as written in its original language? Your answer will go a long way in helping we who you describe as haters of the Jews understand where you are coming from.

I find interesting your statement: “…the entire church corporation system is founded on hate and nothing else.” I find that an odd statement from a man “presenting a fair, open view of the Bible,” since Jesus makes it clear that he is the founder and head of the Church: “…and upon this rock I will build my church …” (Matthew 16:18). Are you saying Jesus is building his church on hate?

Since the New Testament and Jesus make it clear that the church is being built by him, and Jesus told his followers to “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them … teach them…” in Matthew 28:19-20, and Jesus, himself was a Jew, I am having a difficult time understanding your charge that “One single word [is] etched with blood into the church foundation walls … hate.” “Hate for the Jew and anything that smells Jewish.”

Gary, you go on to say “Hate for … the Jew is the foundation of the church system.” Well, to use your own words, “…a fair, open view of the Bible…,” shows us that the “cornerstone” of the church is Jesus [1 Peter 2:6] and the “foundation” were the apostles [Eph. 2:20-21]. I have to tell you, Gary, I am having a hard time finding “hate for Jews” written on the foundation of the church, the apostles. I am thinking that the foundation was all Jewish.

Gary, I end this way: you write “Pastors present a stupefying, blinding, ignorant view of the Bible… . The view they present dominates our society.” You then go on to argue that view is “hate of the Jew… .” If the church’s view is hate for the Jew and that view “dominates society,” I am at a loss to understand how America is Israel’s best friend, if the church view is dominant in America.

Pastor Jerry Krewson

Wasco Church of Christ “Christian”


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