The Dalles — Answering calls

To the editor:

On the 24th there was a letter asking where are the police when you see bad drivers.

They are answering calls about a father hurting his 7-year-old son because he doesn’t want to play football, domestic abuse, stealing, meth heads running amok and, more personally, to me and my neighbors, answering prowler calls.

If you wonder where the police are, look under the police reports in The Chronicle.

Now, as far as traffic goes, I use a scooter and there is no way that I would ever again try to cross over to Freddies on it. The people flooring it and not looking when turning, women on cell phones and vehicles so huge people behind them can’t see diddly.

It embarrasses me how many of the offenders are not teenagers, elders, or men but women and mothers with kids in the car who should know better.

Esther Esson

The Dalles

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