To the Editor:

Our educational system is boundless in its potential impact on our communities. Strong schools are the foundation of a strong community. Strengthening our schools strengthens our future workforce and develops strong talents right here in The Dalles.

Voters in North Wasco County School District 21 will be asked Nov. 6 to approve a bond measure to fund four new, safe, innovative, and timeless facilities. The outcome of this election will impact every student, every school, every staff member, and every citizen in this district.

Our schools belong to our community and we exist to serve our students and to bring to life our mission of “graduating all students to be college and career ready; challenging, inspiring, and empowering them to be healthy and productive citizens.” A YES vote for Measure 33-98 is a YES vote for the future of our community.

As a parent and academician, I take personal pride in the reputation of the district in which my children attend. I encourage the citizens of District 21 to vote yes on Measure 33-98. Make the choice to protect our students and to protect our educational investments. Make the choice to support strong schools that will support the current and future health of our community. And make the choice to send a clear message that this community, our community, is dedicated to our children.

This election season I will choose my community. I will choose to work towards a continuous model of improvement, founded on innovative concepts, growth, excellence, and a steadfast commitment to advocate, educate, and guide the current efforts of District 21. I will vote YES on Measure 33-98.

Dr. Bethani Studebaker

The Dalles

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