To the editor:

This letter is directed to my current representative in congress, Greg Walden:

While I often disagree with your policies throughout the many years that you've served in Congress, I know you personally to be a dedicated representative that clearly has a grasp of issues important to eastern Oregonians. I appreciate your efforts to promote economic growth and family wage jobs for our local communities, and your work on behalf of veterans.

However, I absolutely no longer trust you, the president, his administration or other silent members of Congress to represent the mission and values of the United States as humanitarian country.

The policy of separating children from parents at our southern border is cruel and unnecessary. The law does not require systematic separation of families entering the US to flee persecution, crushing poverty, violence or danger in their home countries.

Not only does it traumatize young children, it forces federal prosecutors to arrest, detain and prosecute every single 'illegal entry' misdemeanor defendant, while they could be focusing on human trafficking, violent crime, financial fraud, drug cartels, etc.

Do you agree with Trump’s claim that Democrats actually want MS-13 gang members to “infest” our country because they "view gang members as potential voters?” This is not leadership. I'm dumbfounded that you apparently don't recognize that this rhetoric and unnecessarily cruel policy won't work towards finding a solution to deterring illegal immigration.

Are you afraid to publicly rebuke the heroic lack of integrity and leadership of the current administration because of a possible voter backlash, preventing you from re-election?

I’m disappointed in the United States’ abdication of global leadership in many areas, including humanitarian issues, climate change and trade policy. It’s especially disheartening to watch silent members of congress stand by and allow it.

Dee Holzman

Hood River

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