To the editor:

The newspaper’s lead front page story should read “Embarrassing Bullies Converge Upon Middle School” in regards to Rep. Greg Walden’s town hall meeting held April 12 in Hood River.

I was utterly embarrassed and appalled at the level of total disrespect shown at this public event. Constant boisterous outbursts were absolutely uncalled for and the message this sent to the young students in attendance is abhorrent. I thank God my children are now grown and were not subjected to such public behavior. To think, I was encouraging my kids to move back to Hood River and raise my grandchildren here.

It would be laughable, if not for the hypocrisy shown, as one student spoke about bullying and asked for Mr. Walden’s help to address the issue. To this question, the student received a standing ovation, though throughout Mr. Walden’s responses the spoiled liberal mindset in attendance continued to shout out over his speaking. The hypocrisy reeks.

There was even one loon shouting out his concerns about global warming and science. While Mr. Walden was attempting to express his agreement with this “gentleman,” the guy continued to rant and rave over the top of Greg’s speaking in response. It was quite evident these liberal bullies had no intention of hearing what our representative had to say or engage in productive dialogue. They want to preach ‘tolerance’ but only if it’s tolerating their point of view or political agenda.

From sources in The Dalles, it was a very similar and disheartening situation there as well. I’m curious just what the reaction would have been if the conservative mindset would have acted in a similar manner at Mr. Merkley’s town hall?

Perhaps if I was willing to stoop to such a childish sandbox behavior I would find out. As it is, my parents raised me with manners and I learned to have respect for others, even if I don’t always agree.

It’s very sad indeed the students that day were shown that bullying is the great American way. So much for “United We Stand...”

Loran Ayles

Hood Rive

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