To the editor:

A man engaged me about my “judging” letters at the Farmer’s Market here in town. Why must I judge other people’s religion? Why? All men are entitled to hear that there is just one truth. This one truth will not be sought by a man until he is shown that the church system is founded on cleverly conceived lies.

Pastors have been doing this for about 1,500 years. Historically, the queen of all despisers of truth, the Holy Roman Catholic Church, has successfully obscured the truth from the majority of mankind.

This pillar of superstitious lies has passed on her ruthless methods of controlling the religious minds of the ignorant masses to her Daughters of Christendom, the Protestant Church businesses. Church pastors fear the truth for one simple reason: it is founded on the nation of Israel and the Jewish people, specifically two Jews, Abraham and David. Without these two men the Hebrew Scriptures would make no sense and their message would appear stupid and ridiculous, which is exactly how churches appear to the non-religious.

Once you remove the crucial importance of these two men from the message you have exactly what you see; a stupid spiritual mess that has as its motto, “Let us agree to disagree.” This mantra is for lazy religious cowards. A man who has struggled to unearth the truth would never fly that flag.

The ignorant church customer refuses to work at uncovering the truth. They are victims of the spiritual charm of pastor, mindless slaves to his specific corporation’s serpentine spin of Scripture which removes the emphasis of the Hebrew Scriptures … Israel. Since the Jew does not sell to a population that has contempt for the Jew pastor, they must sell something else that has a “spiritual smell” to it. This is where the judging must occur. Ahh, the word judging, abhorred by the liberal. Since I expose the superstitious lies of the church system I am thus the worst of men, a judge. That is a badge those who care about the truth must wear.

I believe, as the casual liberal evolutionist does, men should be allowed to worship as they wish, without persecution or judgment. On the other hand, all men of the community should be granted the privilege of being informed that the Hebrew Scriptures are not stupid drivel as pastor presents them.

There is a worthy intelligent message. For those who read!

Gary Fischer

The Dalles

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