To the editor:

How does Greg Walden vote on the environment? Every grade school child knows that man’s burning fossil fuels has raised the levels of carbon dioxide and other pollutants in our atmosphere such that the earth’s temperature is rising. They also know that the effects of global warming on ourselves and our environment will be catastrophic if not checked.

Oregon’s congressmen and senators all know this too and are actively voicing their concerns and voting accordingly — all except Greg Walden.

Even as he understands the science, Walden has over and over again voted AGAINST the environment and instead voted FOR oil and gas interests. The League of Conservation Voters gives him a lifetime score of just 9 percent where Oregon’s other representatives and senators are all 90 percent or above (except one at 57 percent). At the same time Walden gets a 90 percent voting approval from the The American Energy Alliance which represents oil and gas interests but Oregon’s other representatives all score ZERO from them (with the exception of one being 18 percent).

What’s this all about? Do you really think Walden has interest in protecting our ground water, air, rivers, and public lands for the future? Do you think our ever increasing drought, fires and drying up wells mean nothing in the grand scheme of things?

Walden might speak one way, but you can see that he votes another - nine out of ten times. On the other hand, his opponent Jamie McLeod-Skinner’s number one priority is us and our environment. I think we need a change, and the only way we can do that is at the ballet box. Our environment is all we really have.

C. Bruce Schwartz

The Dalles

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