To the editor:

It is more difficult to engage a man with the word g-o-d than it is with a specific topic derived from the Scriptures. If I began a conversation with a man using the word g-o-d this and g-o-d that it would be a very short conversation.

It is much more reasonable to say, “Did you know that the Hebrew prophet Jeremiah foretold of the Jewish people returning to their land after their dispersion by the Romans?”

It is very difficult to strike up a profitable conversation with a man with, “Hey have you given up your life to Jesus yet?” That is obnoxious, boring and stupid.

I would have a better chance of engaging his interest with, “The prophet Ezekiel foretold that Russia along with a Pope-led Catholic Europe would attack these same Jews in the land they returned to soon after Protestant England departed from Europe.”

The words g-o-d and Jesus have been so abused and ridiculed, not by the world but by those of our sacred churches, that they have become contemptible in the ears of millions.

Why would I attempt to draw a man to the Truth by talking about a g-o-d thing he did not believe existed in the first place…stupid. Does the same man know that the Jews exist and that Israel exists? Yes, of course. Why do those of the church community insist on beginning with “Jesus this and Jesus that or Jesus whatever” when you have no interest in the strange “spiritual” freak man they have fashioned him into? Why? Because it is easier than reading the Books and knowing the Books and contributing something substantial, intelligent and worthy.

Laziness reigns supreme in the churches and that is why you are bashed with “Jesus this and Jesus that...” Only the superstitious fool’s mind would be drawn to the mystical “spiritual” church world of the Jesus figure, which in reality says or offers nothing, but is easy and satisfies the emotional heart.

The mind is where the man is, not the heart. The church system goes for the simple, frivolous, easy-to- grab heart for the mind of a reasonable, common sense man is much more difficult to win over.

It takes real practical Book knowledge and patience and much concentrated effort to win over the mind of a thinking man. A fool will be had in just a few minutes by the shallow superstitious spiritual tricks of the pastor.

Gary Fischer

The Dalles

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