To the editor:

Oregon’s mighty District 2 is the seventh largest in the nation, and makes up more than two-thirds of our entire state. Congressman Greg Walden was first elected to represent us in 1998 following 10 years in the Oregon Legislature and six years as Representative Denny Smith’s chief of staff in the United States Congress.

With that kind of resume and political experience one might expect District 2 to get some kind of a return on our investment. As in a tangible benefit for us, the people who actually live, work and raise families in the district.

I am sorry but I don’t see it. Greg Walden represents the interests of the telecommunications, pharmaceutical, insurance and fossil fuel industries.

His salary paid by us, the taxpayers, is nothing compared to the millions he has collected from out of state corporations and Washington insiders, and his voting record shows it.

Greg Walden has essentially run away from his own health care bill— that threw thousands of kids, grandparents and young mothers off the Oregon Health Plan and rewarded the super rich with massive tax cuts. But wait, there is more. As chairman of the powerful Energy & Commerce committee he is pushing fossil fuels infrastructure while dismissing solar and wind. At the risk of overstating the obvious, sun and wind is what we have!

Net neutrality is next, with hearings scheduled in September. Greg Walden’s biggest donors are lined up to cash in. We will pay $$$ for content, delivery and access. No one in this district is going to benefit.

Congressman Walden, you have wasted 20 years in Washington, D.C., enriching yourself at our expense. Your tired phrase, “growing the economy” actually originated with Bill Clinton in 1992. Lack of imagination and leadership are not particularly valued in the rural west—where heart and competence actually matter.

Michael Byrne


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