To the editor:

I’m so amused how someone comes to our area and offers a lot of slick talk about how well they know what we need and asks for our vote — and people actually rally around to offer their support. I guess it’s legal, but it’s certainly not very ethical.

How can you know what a region needs if you haven’t actually lived there for at least a decade or two? If you’re so smart maybe you should have stayed wherever you came from for a decade or two and helped the poor souls in that region out.

However, I’ve noticed that us Oregonians are real good at voting for fast talkers from somewhere else who know what we need. I almost think if Vlad Putin came here and told us he knows what we need we’d vote him in for anything. And all the politicians in at least one respect are the same.

Over the years I’ve written to almost all who’ve represented me. If you write to Walden about something he doesn’t agree with, you don’t hear back. If it’s something he agrees with, you get a letter telling you about what he’s doing that might work.

If you write to Wyden and he doesn’t agree, you don’t hear back. If you write something he likes, you get the form letter telling you all about what he’s doing that isn’t solving the problem.

To sum it up, if your ethics allow you to be herded down the road by a slick talker, you know who to vote for. On the other hand, if you’re like me and a lot of other Wasco County voters, you’ve registered non affiliated, not politically correct, and you’ll vote for the lesser of the evils.

Dennis James

The Dalles

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