To the editor:

Who do you serve? Do you serve veterans? Do you serve patients? People? America? Your church? Money? Status? Service is a good thing; people who serve usually are better people.

They have a purpose and they give of their time and money. And service brings out the best in people. It takes us out of our own head and our own problems and weaknesses. It makes us stronger, wiser, and more likable. So, what or who do you serve? Does anyone serve Truth? Or does truth even matter? Situation ethics were popular in my day, but now it seems that everything is relative. Convenience and tradition rule.

I propose that truth does matter and eventually it will rule, no matter what tradition says or what is convenient. Is gravity true? It is not really understood well, but we all experience it.

Galileo even tried to measure it. Smart minds today say that the universe would recreate itself just because of gravity. Is that true? Evolution theory says most things are evolving for the better. Is that true?

Some of us like to see the proof of something and cut through all the theories and bull and know the real truth. But, what I have found is that I cannot always prove the truth.

And sometimes foolish theories prosper. And, because of prejudice, some people do not really want to know the truth. Ignorance is preferred over reality. Now reality is another area of truth.

We all see things through the colored lenses of our experience. So how can you know the truth?

Well, it seems to me that you start with the observable evidence and decide whether there is a creator or not.

Is there something miraculous about life and love? Are there some mysteries of the universe still not understood? Do we even understand light or gravity? Are there some things yet beyond science?

If there is a creator, then looking at the evidence through his resources would be wise and perhaps give us a better chance of learning the truth.

Del Griebel

The Dalles

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