To the editor:

I have called Congressman Greg Walden’s office to express my concerns,  ask for support of issues, request public appearances with Town Hall meetings, etc.  frequently over the last two years. I have written letters to the editor and directly to Congressman Walden to express my thoughts. I have even voted for him in the past, but not this last election and never again.

Today, quite honestly I have had it and I called Greg Walden’s office in complete disdain over his recent comments. In a nutshell, this is what I said:

I  thought Greg Walden’s attack on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and his attempt to take away health care for millions was irresponsible and ridiculous considering the ACA is the only reasonable solution to our health care crisis that we have.

I was horrified when Greg Walden promoted “resilient” forests by proposing to cut down the trees.

Now? Now Greg Walden is attacking Medicare? Demonizing our healthcare system for people 65 and older? A program people look forward to when they are eligible, including myself? Yes, I am counting the months and days when I no longer have stress over health insurance coverage, healthcare costs, and who I can see to cover my care.

Then today, to top it off, Greg Walden now wants “common sense climate change solutions”! Now? Where was he when he was chairman?  That’s right, there were no hearings on climate change at all.

No, Greg Walden is singing the wrong tune. Greg Walden does not represent me or his constituents. It is obvious who he does represent, his corporate donors who are only concerned about profits, not the people, not the planet.  Greg Walden, a political puppet firmly attached to those corporate donors, has been bought and is doing everything he can to provide corporate profits.

Yes, I will continue to call out Greg Walden on his hypocrisy with more phone calls, more letters, and yes, attending his public Town Hall meetings.

Beverly Sherrill

The Dalles

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A few small points. You will pay for Medicare by an off the top SSI deduction. You will need to obtain a prescription drug plan and more than likely, a Medicare supplement plan. Then you will look for doctors that take Medicare.

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