To the editor:

I recently had the opportunity to attend performances at the Dalles High and decided to look around a little. It looked to me to be much like it did when I attended there decades ago. I was happy to see they could finally afford doors for the stalls in the men’s restrooms.

I did notice that the floors weren’t quite as clean in places as they could have been. I remember a janitor who scrubbed stair treads while students passed by. I noticed that the wire blinds on the outside of the building on the south side that are supposed to block the heat of the sun from entering the building were in disrepair or were no longer there. Maybe that’s why the rooms on the south side are so warm. Maybe an IR blocking film could be applied to the windows. Some films can be placed on the inside and will block about half of the IR.

I think I didn’t fully understand the last story printed in this paper about the buildings being in poor shape and needing replacing, but the last paragraph said that the high school would cost $20.4M to repair it, to last how many more decades I don’t know, and $54.3M to replace it. If I had a house that would cost $204,000 to repair and $504,000 to replace it, I think I’d opt for repairing it, even if the State of Oregon showed me a formula that said it should be replaced. Our state has a spending problem and it’s our money.

Mark Lutz

The Dalles

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