To the editor:

I am a survivor. There was the teenage neighbor boy when I was 5, the stranger who exposed himself to me when I was 8, the nice college boy who drove me home from a party, only to wake up with his penis choking me. I never told anyone about what happened to me except for the flasher, because he kind of looked like Glen Campbell and I thought it was funny. You can be sure if that nice college boy showed up on TV about to be appointed to an important position I would tell on him like I’m telling you now.

Oh! That’s horrible! I don’t want your pity or your sympathy. You can keep your thoughts and prayers. What I want is America to stop enabling Sexual Predators like Harvey Weinstein, Donald Trump, Clarence Thomas, Brett Kavanaugh, Brock Turner and so many more: 321,500 Americans, age 12 and older, are sexually assaulted every year. Every year. Let’s turn this around. And darn few of these criminals are female.

Seven out of 10 assaults are committed by someone the survivor knows. Fifty seven percent of these creeps are European Americans.

At the recent Trump rally in Mississippi, POTUS showed us just how low he can go by mocking Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, another survivor.

It was an appalling display of cruelty and stupidity. What really saddens me, breaks my heart really, is the number of women who buy into the “Boys will be Boys” nonsense. I used to be one of them. I believed it was my own damn fault I got assaulted.

Brett Kavanaugh showed us how low he can go with a disgusting display of temper. It was a tantrum. At this point it doesn’t matter who you believe, he does not have the sober temperament to sit on the highest court in the land. I Believe Christine! I Believe Anita Hill. I believe Monica Lewinsky, consenting but still too young. Shame on Slick Willy!

As bad as Bill Clinton behaved, he never stooped to the level we see in this Administration. At least Congress impeached him.

If you are sick of Greedy Old Perverts, and their enablers; Greg Walden, Lindsey Graham, Ted Cruz, etc., running the show: then do what’s right! Vote them out, vote them out, vote them out.

Debra Lutje

The Dalles

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