To the editor:..

I’m voting for Greg Walden and here’s why: Oregon will receive #13.7 million from the FCC to facilitate rural broadband expansion via the Connect America Fund Phase II auction, bringing modern communication infrastructure to businesses, hospitals, and households in CD2. Rep. Walden will continue to partner with he FCC to improve access to digital opportunities in his vast rural district.

Greg Walden’s comprehensive legislation “SUPPORT for Patients and Communities Act” provides tools to treat addiction, improve prevention measures, and halt the flow of illicit drugs across our border. In addition, Rep. Walden led the effort in Congress to increase and extend funding for community health centers: Oregon will receive a $17 million grant from DHHS to increase access to drug treatment facilities, and this includes $2.2 million for eight rural health centers in CD2, such as One Community Health in Hood River.

And in more Good Health News, Rep. Walden’s “Championing Healthy Kids Act” extended CHIP Children’s Health Insurance Program for another ten years, providing health care for 123,000 kids (including DACA kids) and pregnant women in Oregon.

And speaking of the Farm Bill 2018, Rep. Walden secured $36.9 million in PILT “Payment in Lieu of Taxes” for 36 counties in Oregon. These funds, along with Secure Rural Schools funds, help insure our communities have well-functioning schools, law enforcement, and infrastructure. Rep. Walden was also instrumental in expanding the Healthy Forest Restoration Act and Collaborative Landscape Program, which is use to improve timber management in central, south and east Oregon.

Rep. Walden’s bill to improve care for Oregon veterans, “VA Medical Scribe Pilot Act,” will help unburden VA doctors to see more patients in a timely manner and also expand the VA’s program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers and provide funding for the Veteran’s Choice Program. Rep. Walden also helped secure funding for the Homeless Veteran Reintegration program.

To all my neighbors in Congressional District 2, please consider wisely your selection of a Legislator that will represent the value of our District. Rep. Walden is a man with integrity, honesty, and common sense; let’s keep those principles alive and well in CD2, Oregon the Beautiful.

Dan and Jamie Crouse

The Dalles

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