To the editor:

In these times that we live in it is truly refreshing that someone or a group of "someones" have taken the time to distribute the small American flags around our community and the surrounding areas, including Dallesport. Thank you so much! Every time I see them, I remember what a wonderful country we live in and those who gave their life or who now put their life on the line every day for those who just go about our lives. I wish to thank firefighters, policemen, soldiers and, yes, those who run for government. These people do the jobs that I cannot do and that goes for most of us. They have an inner spark that calls to them for these kinds of jobs and I am glad they do. Thank you for keeping us safe, even those who can’t see past their nose! I say to them "walk a mile" in their shoes for one day. Again, thank you for the flag across my driveway; it looks good with the one flying on my house.

Sheri Esquivias

The Dalles

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