To the editor:

Republicans make up the majority of voters in the Second District. It isn't surprising that Rep. Greg Walden has been re-elected several times to represent the district. It is also unsurprising that, after many years in Washington, Walden has become more distant from his constituents. While he returns to the state often, he avoids meeting in places, including his hometown, where his constituents have questions about his representation and the actions of the current administration.

I have written many times to Walden asking questions and raising concerns. The few responses I received back have typically failed to address my questions.

Walden has risen to an important leadership position in the Republican Party. In recent years, he seems more interested in serving the party and Administration than using his position to benefit the people of the Second District.

His work on health care would have cut off coverage to over 100,000 Medicaid recipients. His support for the Administration's attempts to undermine the ACA will leave thousands with the choice of buying "junk" insurance or going without insurance they can no longer afford.

He has favored tax cuts and budgets that enrich the wealthiest and undercut the neediest while driving up the deficit. He has failed to restrain executive tariffs that hurt farmers and orchardists. He has failed to challenge immigration policies based on cruelty.

More importantly, he has failed to use his position and voice to speak out against the rising tide of incivility undermining our democracy.

The Second District deserves better. I encourage Republicans to consider whether it is time for a change. If you're reluctant to vote for a Democrat, write in the name of a Republican you admire. There was a time when Oregon had a proud history of independent Republican leaders.

Richard Davis

The Dalles

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