To the editor:

Yes, I am a progressive liberal. I can’t recall a policy I’ve agreed with Senator Ferrioli on…until now. Senator Ferrioli just voted to extend health care to all children in Oregon, including those without documentation, because it made economic sense but also because it was the right thing to do from a societal aspect.

He did not have to vote for it in order for that bill to pass. He derived zero political capital from doing so; he actually burned political capital in his district. But by doing so he showed that he had the fortitude to ask himself what was right and do it, regardless of party lines or the desires of donors.

Let’s contrast that with our Representative Walden, who crafted a health care bill that will deny health care to thousands in his district and millions in our nation.

Walden’s health care bill funds a huge tax break for his wealthy donors. Facts show that if you give a billionaire a tax break he or she will save that money. But if you give the less well off a tax break he or she will spend it for things needed to get by, thus truly stimulating the economy.

Mr. Walden would do well to pay attention to the actions just demonstrated by Senator Ferrioli and try, just once, to stand up and do the right thing whether or not it’s popular with his party and his donors.

John Schwartz

The Dalles

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