To the editor:

In response to Mr. Ebi’s claim ( Oct 26 letter) that Greg Walden’s work on health care “will continue because he cares about Oregonians and ensuring everyone has access to affordable and quality health care,” I feel the need to remind folks of the disastrous American Health Care Act that Greg Walden helped craft back in the spring of this year.

Once again, let us remember what the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office reported about this failed bill of his; 24 million Americans would have lost their health care coverage, including 400,000 Oregonians, folks with pre-existing conditions were placed at risk of losing coverage and insurance premiums would have drastically risen for anyone older than 40.

Mr. Ebi further claimed that Obamacare is imploding on its own but let us not forget that the Republicans have done their very best to sabotage the bill by refusing from its inception to make the anticipated and necessary changes that would have kept insurance premiums down.

Therefore, I don’t believe that Greg Walden cares about Oregonians’ access to affordable and quality health care. Why else would he promote a bill that was so bad that it was opposed by the American Medical Association, the American Hospital Association, the American Nurses Association and the health insurance industry?

The reason is crystal clear. Greg Walden and Donald Trump do not care if you have health care or not. They only want to further the Republican Party’s agenda by crushing anything that has to do with President Obama at the expense of the American people.

Furthermore, Greg Walden’s role in crafting and promoting the disastrous American Health Care Act is reason enough for voters in Congressional District 2 to oust him in 2018.

Kathy Schwartz

The Dalle

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