Sad anniversary

To the editor:

It is with a heavy heart I note that this week sadly marks the 40th anniversary of legalized abortion in our nation. The Bible says that God hates hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:16). Look at the grief that surrounds tragedies such as recent mass shootings, yet we so easily ignore the 3,000 children killed each day in their mothers’ wombs here in the USA through abortion.

If you know a woman who has suffered loss because of an abortion, comfort her and gently suggest ministries such as Rachel’s Vineyard to help her seek God’s forgiveness and healing. If you know a woman who has chosen life even if the situation of her pregnancy is not ideal, support her and encourage her.

Donate to a pro-life pregnancy center or group. God says children are a blessing and a gift from Him (Psalm 127:3) so let’s live that way.

Cindy Brown, Moro

One true date

To the editor:

There actually is a true historical calendar date in the Bible. It is not Dec. 25 or Jan. 6.

Pastors ignore this historical date. Pastors deceive their paying customers by appealing to their feelings not their minds. Ignorant minds write checks without question. Pastors rake in cash for the church franchise they work for. They take their cut, the corporate office takes theirs.

Church customers do not care if they are being deceived as long as they “feel” religious. Deceiving their customers is no problem for pastors as long as the customer returns. Ignorance is bliss? Pastor robes, titles, their sugar-coated speech dotted with the names Jesus and “g-o-d” make them appear truthful, honest and good.

Scratch the surface of this show and you will find deception and ignorance. Not one time in the Bible does the date Dec. 25 appear. Never. Not one single time is the birth of the Jewish boy mentioned after the first “birthday.” It is never suggested or demanded that we celebrate his birth. Never.

There is a very clearly defined date in the Bible. It is first mentioned in the second book of the Bible, Exodus. It is a date set around a dramatic event. A nation is formed and a nation is dramatically destroyed.

The “Old” mentions it 48 times. The “New” acknowledges it 28 times. It is the day Moses led the Jewish people out of Egypt, the Passover. The date? The 14th of Nisan.

The Hebrew calendar has kept track of this date for 3,500 years. So what? This is the exact day the Christ died. His birthday is meaningless. He “did” nothing that day. Without his willingness to die on the Passover on that stake at Jerusalem, his birth would be meaningless. His death is everything. His death on this date clearly defines a vital part of Bible truth.

The Christ commands his “believers” to remember his death and its association with Passover.

Church goers are left ignorant of the importance in understanding “this” festival. Why? It is Jewish! The simple point concerning this date is that it does “exist” in the Bible and it is completely shunned by pastors while they focus on made up dates.

The key to understanding the one true Bible message is accepting the dominating Jewishness of it. It takes courage, honest curiosity and respect to find “the” truth. Truth begins with reading Genesis.

Gary Fischer, The Dalles

Focus on why

To the editor:

All we hear right now is about guns and who to blame. These shootings are bad, but we have bigger problems to solve. The president is focusing on who to blame. And who can have guns and who can’t. Is anyone in favor of putting a sign on your front yard saying no guns in this household?

We need to focus on why these crimes happen and how to stop some of the violence. Our children have been watching videos and all kinds of games and movies that show shootings. Mental health is a great need, as it appears that these shooters need help and parents sometimes have no time to recognize some behavior.

Our nation was founded on a wonderful Constitution. Our children used the Bible in schools and now prayers are outlaws. We have mothers and dads trying to make a living, many homes are without dads, like the recent shootings.

Our president is from Illinois and that state has the strictest gun laws in the entire U.S. and yet in the last six months 292 were killed (murdered) in Chicago. The school system is rated one of the worst in the country — with teachers getting the highest pay. The state pension fund is $78 billion in debt — worst in the country.

Well this must be blamed on the Republicans. However, all of their leaders are Democrats!

Our national debt is a bigger problem than all of this — the debit is currently $16 trillion, which is more than $50,000 for every American and this is what we are leaving our grandchildren?

Bobbie Miller, The Dalles

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