President Donald Trump’s most recent display of racial warfare in the name of re-election was offensive, and reflects the values of neither America nor Oregon.

That such statements as those made by the president are wrong, I was pleased to find my house representative, Rep. Greg Walden (R-Hood River), agreed.

I was appalled when I opened the paper Saturday to the OPINION page to see your picture of caricatures representing the two major political parties, and two bodies floating in the water. Whether you are a member of one party or the other, I think the decision to print this was made in very poor taste.

Donald ‘fine people on both sides’ Trump has outdone himself again, launching his most transparently racist attacks yet by telling Reps. Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Pressley, and Omar to “go back and help fix the totally broken and crime-infested places from which they came.” For the record, all but Ilhan Omar were born in the United States, and Omar herself is a citizen, elected by the people of Minnesota.

Since Senator Chuck Thomsen’s recent disappearing stunt, I have seen a smattering of yard signs thanking him for “representing us.” I do not share the sign displayers’ low expectations for representations by our elected officials.

I would generally be one of the last people to oppose renewable energy, but I am opposed to the Summit Ridge Wind Turbine project. While renewable energy is surely the way to go for many reasons, we must choose sites that don’t harm the environment in other ways. The Summit Ridge project does not meet those requirements.

Should Oregon governor Kate Brown be recalled?

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